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Par: Pépin

La Nécessaire Chronique de Pépin

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I like September. It’s no longer summer as days are getting shorter. But the sweetness is still there. And even if the sheets in the trees, exhausted by summer sunrays, start to fall to the ground, even if football’s imposture is starting again, still remains in my memory this smell of wood pens freshly cut and the mistresses chalky fingers. And then the trees bend under their load of fruits. Mushrooms point under the humus of the woods. Let me tell you: September is a month sensual essence. This month, the eroticism of nature is quite obvious!

The other morning, enjoying the sweetness of late summer, I was commuting on my last century’s Peugeot-Chromium-Molybdenum spad with vintage bags. In the cool morning, a hazy mist rose, light. On the bike path along the river where I live, a heron woke fleeing, frightened off. Coming out of my lethargy morning on this occasion, I recalled some highlights of the Athletics World Championships which delighted our last days of August. And filled with the eroticism of the moment, inevitably came to my mind some images of great female champions in Berlin.

The significant parallel between two of them seemed interesting to me. On the one hand the failure of Miss Isinbaïeva pole, and the other the victory of Miss Vlasic in height. We faced two jumpers and two radically and definitely different competitions.

The first with her eyes of steel, all imbued with the prestige of Czarina of discipline, had not deigned to compromise under too small heights. Her ego had suffered. After her first failure at 4.75 meters, she issued the ukase, hidden under a blanket so that the eyes of the populace could not attain her, to attempt a bar more worthy of her rank to 4.80 meters. We all know the unfortunate end of this drama: two failed attempts for a draw. The icy beauty was then to hide under the generous visor of her sponsored cap to let her rage and tears.

The second with emerald eyes and gingerbread tan, showed a closed face at the entrance. But Friedrich, her German rival, kept the public in her emaciated hand. At each attempt, the Germanic got an "unglaublische Stille" of all the 74 000 spectators in Berlin's Olympiastadion. This undeniable advantage allowed her to pass 2.02 meters at the third attempt. After this pass, we all had understood that she could not transcend anything. She looked too disunited. Loosening that Blanka Vlasic carefully avoided, passing a few minutes later a superb and victorious 2.04 meters. A victory she immediately celebrated with a few dance steps of a torrid sensuality ...

Oh Blanka, Blanka, we had liked to see you succeed then at 2.10 meter. We were all with you on our sofa for this world record attempt. We all stressed our buttocks to pass the bar with you. We believed. But you, in your mind, you had already left us to your cloud. Light and graceful, Blanka, as a dancer in the firmament of her art ...

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