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Virginia à Hawaii 2008

Virginia Berasategui: my dream is Hawaii

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Since 2002 she appears on the Ironman with her nice smiling face. In recent years she has already won two Ironman, two 70.3 and a World Championship LD ... But the Spanish Virginia Berasategui-Luna, 34, has one thing in mind: to finish on the Hawaiian podium.

Close. She was so close last year, from this podium in Kona. Without a stroke of bad luck she could have achieved his dream. Too bad for her, and fortunately for us ... she will be back in Hawaii in 2009!

Xtriathlon: Hi Virginia, and for first Xtriathlon wants to wish all its best wishes for this new season. Happy New Year! How are you?
Virginia Berasategui: Happy New Year! Just starting with the hard training, so a bit tired :-)

Xtriathlon: You’ve finished you’re first Ironman World Championships in October 2008 at the sixth place. What about this race? Tell us about your sensations!
Virginia Berasategui: I knew I could have a really good race with a bit of luck. I had been training hard band with very good feelings. The swim was just ok, but on the bike was when i started to enjoy. I was going to the front, almost in the top 5, when one of the spokes of my front wheel was broken and I was biking 90km with the front wheel touching the fog... I was really disappointed but I followed pushing till the end of the bike. I started to run in 14th position and really angry, but I concentrated in the run and in trying to go ahead. I did a very good marathon, 3h03, and finished 6th but only 25sec. behind the 5th... (NDLR : Linsey Corbin).

Xtriathlon: It was great race for you… did you hope to be as near as the top 5?
Virginia Berasategui: Before the race if you tell I'm going to be 6th, I sign immediately! But, before the problems I know I could be in the top 3.

Xtriathlon: Do you plan to race in Kona in 2009 again?
Virginia Berasategui: I'm just qualified to Hawaii 2009, so if nothing happens, I'll be there.

Xtriathlon: Since 2004 you only race in the long distance events, especially in WTC events. Is it a new direction for your career after a great title of World Champion in 2003?
Virginia Berasategui:
Yes, I started with short distances, but since I'm 12 years old my dream is Hawaii. It's in the long distance where I really enjoy with what I'm doing.
So I'm going to follow in this direction till I realize my dream, be in the top 3 in Hawaii.

Xtriathlon: What are your main races in 2009? Will we see you again in Nice?
Virginia Berasategui: This year I'm expecting to be in 70.3 wildflower, Challenge Barcelona, Spanish long distance champ, European long distance champ, but no Ironman…only Hawaii!

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