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Felicity en shoot photo pour 2XU

Glamour : Felicity Abram

Photo par 2XU

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No need to buy gutter press to admire beautiful sports women's physics. Triathlon environment abounds with gorgeous talented women athletes. So, let's travel to Australia in order to know better the glamourous Felicity Abram.

Xtriathlon : Hi Felicity, thank's for spending a moment with us. Can you introduce yourself to our readers ?
Felicity : Well I’m 21 and a professional triathlete . For more info !

Xtriathlon : How long have you been in the triathlon circle ? What attracted you in this sport, how did you discover it ?
Felicity : I started triathlon when I was 13yrs old. I was a swimmer and wanted a change and triathlon seemed like a good challenge. I started racing world Cups in 2005.

Xtriathlon : You finished 6th in your first world champ in Gamagori in 2005. How did you live this success ?
Felicity : I was very happy with my 6th in Gamagori . It was my first elite World Champs and I was only 18. It gave me alot of confidence and I learnt alot for the following year.

Xtriathlon : You have visibly decided to run a lot more steps in the WorldCup this year. Is it just in order to qualify yourself for the Beijing Olympic Games ?
Felicity : Unfortunatly I didnt get selected in the Olympic team after the first few World Cups of the year . After that , I had to change my goals for the rest of the year . I decided to just do as much racing as possible and get my ranking as high as I could . Its been great fun and I am happy with the season so far. But I am still dissapointed that I am not going to Beijing.

Xtriathlon : In spite of 3 podiums (3 times second, one's third) in this year's World Cup, you won't go to China. How do you live it ? Are you disappointed missing this event ?
Felicity : Yes I am dissapointed . But there is nothing that I could do . It was the selectors desicion and there was nothing I could do . I had to just get on with racing . Fortunatly I’m still very lucky to be able to travel around the world and race and I’m learing and gaining a lot of experience which is a good thing.

Xtriathlon : You have been elected « Rookie of the year » in 2005, and you appear as, at 22 years old, a hopeful in Australia. How do you see the coming of your career ?
Felicity : I will just take 1 year at a time . I never look to far ahead . I guess I am still young and I will take as many opputunities as I can . Maybe I will be racing in London 2012 , but my next main focus is next years world championships on the Gold Coast , My home town !

Xtriathlon : What do you think about the Australians athletes (Erin Densham, brad Kahlefel for example) who run in France ? Does it attract you ?
Felicity : I don’t really know much about the French racing teams . I like France and still have many places to go to .The team style racing sounds fun and if its good money I’m very interested !

Xtriathlon : You could be satisfied with all these good performances. Nevertheless, every week, you change into a busisness woman for your main sponsor 2XU. Can you talk about this second activity ?
Felicity : I co-own 2 2XU shops in Australia. 1 in Brisbane and 1 on the Gold Coast (opening soon) .We also have an online shop . I always try and do as much to as i can to promote the brand .When I’m not training I try and help out as much as possible.

Xtriathlon : What are your hobbies ? (if you have enough time to have one)
Felicity : Reggae Music , cooking , painting , reading , spending time with friends / family.

Xtriathlon : Have you got a boyfriend ? (our readers are very interrested !!)
Felicity : No

Xtriathlon : Felicity, Thank you very much, in the name of the editorial staff, for answering our questions.
Felicity :Thankyou . Peace , Flicka x

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