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La rage d'un vainqueur...

Torbjørn Sindballe... second part

Photo par Tony Svensson

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The Danish Torbjørn Sindballe is not necessarily the "gross" we imagine a bicycle, swallowing kilometres without thinking to arrive first at the finish line. The Dane is rather a sensitive and intelligent man, that his sport is changing… unless the contrary!
Here are second part and ends of this meeting with a unique athlete.


Xtriathlon : We can notice for few years now a kind of “fight” via the media between Chris McCormack on one side and the two German Faris Al Sultan and Normann Stadler on the other. Do you imagine being one day in the middle of such a “fight”? What is the atmosphere between the Pros? Do you have friends among them?
Torbjørn : I think this one “fight” is really a very uncommon thing in triathlon. Most of us have a really good, respectful and in most cases very friendly relation to each other. We see each other at races and often also train together at camps and since positive energy is such a big part of our sport it just transcends into the way we look at life and each other.

The ethics is that everyone goes out and race as hard as they can to the line, and the best man/woman wins it is that simple and it is only when the marshals on the bike course are not doing their jobs good enough or the organizing bodies make unpopular rule changes that this mentality suffers. Triathlon is an individual sport and that’s what we all love.

Xtriathlon :What do you think of the French athletes? Do you know many of them?
Torbjørn : I actually know quite a few of them. Since my first ITU long course world champs we have had a battle with them at many world champs. First they beat us in 1998 then we beat them in 1999, then you beat us in 2000 then we took it back in 2001 etc. so we have a good rivalry in the teams classification J

What I know them best for is the ability to peak for homesoil champs. At every world championship held in France there have been a complete French domination with 5-7 guys in the Top 10 – very impressive! and a great testimony to the depth of the talent pool in your fantastic country.

Xtriathlon :You just come back from the Quelle Challenge Roth course reco as you will be at the start. What are your objectives there? Do you plan breaking the race record?
Torbjørn : I always aim very high when I set new objectives and breaking the world record is definitely very appealing and also realistic when I get all the puzzles together for a perfect race. This year however I have been injured (again!) during the spring and even though my biking and swimming is really good I will not be able to build the 100% running form that is needed to break the record already this year in July. I have a great feeling with the race in Roth though and I look forward to build not only the relationship with the race but also my performance on the course in the coming years.

Even though all my injuries make it impossible for me to become the triathlete who wins the most races, I feel I have the foundation to make the best ever single day performance and the world record would be great to back this up. 

Xtriathlon :What are your race objectives in 2008 and even further?
Torbjørn : Very simple: To win in Kona and set a new world record.

Xtriathlon :You are racing for a long time now on both ITU and IronMan races, and then could see the evolution of our sport (draft legal, new format, money, new organizations like Challenge). What is your feeling about that? On which point (if any) would like triathlon evolve again?
Torbjørn : There are several things I would like to see. First of all I would like to see a more unified organization of our sport. It would be great to have one big organization that cover all parts of triathlon equal priority and also one that would be more democratic, closer to the athletes and better to coordinate antidoping initiatives and worldwide development of our sport than what we have seen so far. There is a really great environment among athletes on both short and long, elite and amateur and it is really a shame to see that the leaders of our sport are not able to build on that - imagine what we could do with out the fights and constant changes at the organizational level of our sport!

Some other more practical things is that I would love to see a strong series of half and full IM distance races on a global scale with global media. Instead of having 50-60 races that each only attracts a couple of really class athletes, it would be awesome to see 7-10 races in a year with a field equal to Hawaii. This would create a much better platform to grow our sport and give the right incentive for sponsors and media to get much more intensively on board. Also this platform could be used to spread the message of a healthy lifestyle by incorporating shorter beginners races and kids races into these mega events. Golf, Tennis, cycling and running all have majors, grand slams, classics or what ever -. Why don’t we?

Xtriathlon :Have you ever dreamed about another job? Torbjørn : Not really, but I definitely look forward to build a career as a “performance” consultant after my triathlon career. Also I look forward to have more time to give back of all my fantastic experiences and knowledge to the sport.

Xtriathlon : When you are not working hard to be a top athlete, what do you do? What are your other centers of interests?
Torbjørn : Being a pro triathlete is a lifestyle so I do not have any other big interest as such. My biggest priority outside of sports is my family and I spend all my sparetime with them, playing with our son Oskar, having friends over for dinner or taking my wife Mette to a romantic dinner out. We bought a house last year so I also work on that when it fits the schedule. Besides that I am a great nature fan and enjoy a good book every once in a while. 

Xtriathlon : How is Torbjørn in life, what kind of guy?
Torbjørn : Hmm, that is a tough one for me to tell. I think that reading this interview probably gives people a good impression about who I am and what I stand for.  

Xtriathlon : What do I have to do if I want you come and race the triathlon organized by my triathlon club?
Torbjørn : Ough, be at the right spot in the calendar is probably most important. Other than that it needs to be the right package of race atmosphere, course, class field, good PR, charity, good prize money etc.

Xtriathlon : Could you explain us the reason of your nickname “Thunderbear”?
Torbjørn : “Tor” is the Nordic god of Thunder and “Bjørn” means bear in Danish, so it is some sort of direct translation of my name.

Xtriathlon : Just give us:

-The name of one person: Mette
- Favourite movie: Big blue
- Favourite band/artist: For training DJ Tiesto, otherwise I really enjoy the Danish rock scene: Veto, Carpark North, Dyne.  
- One event (sport or non-sport related):  Summertime in Denmark

Xtriathlon : Quizz (just choose one of the two propositions):

- 3rd at Hawaii 07 or World long distance Champion 06 – 3rd at Hawaii
- Snow or sun - Sun
- Flat or hilly - Hilly
- Science or feeling – I have been a lot into science, but am moving more towards feeling these days.
- Strict or cool, Strict when enforcing the rules of our sport otherwise cool.
- Alone or in group, alone when racing, otherwise in a group

Xtriathlon : If you want to talk about something/someone in particular, here is your space, just express yourself.
Torbjørn : Just enjoy – chase your dreams, work hard to reach them and treasure every moment on the way. 

Thanks a lot Torbjørn for your time and I wish you all the best for the coming season.

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