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Par: Penel Arnaud
Raphael au passage de la ligne à... Nice !

Nice, my préparation #4

Photo par Ironman France-Nice

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Xtriathlon has been one of the official partners of the Ironman France-Nice 2008 for the third year. Raphael Mentrel, one of its editors, will participate, in June, to this huge event like more than 2,500 international athletes. We have thus decided to take advantage in this "ordinary" athlete preparation for all our usual readers, but also to all those, french and foreign, who do not know yet the route and constraints of this exceptionally huge Ironman. We'll propose, therefore, throughout these six months while we proceed with Raphael, a translation of his preparation in English, German, Spanish and Italian, so that you do not miss any episode of what may well be "your" preparation. "

On an optimistic note, the first training cycle had been accomplished. This resumption period make me start to enjoy training again and to do more each time.
I finished this cycle with a 15:00 week and very good sensations. Until I was short in speed, but it came back and I can start including timed blocks in swimming and running. The second cycle, after a week dedicated to regeneration, will consist in running sessions MAV and threshold training. MAV will be done in nature, in the form of 40"30" instead of 200m series. This is less precise than running on the track, but I don't have the choice and the aim is doing speed/slow training instead of improving my MAV, that is no longer currently in view of my age. I am very pleased of the resumption and I am in the mood for training. Indeed, long sessions, in cycling or running, go very well, with no lassitude time.

Speaking about cycling, when we listen or read what happen in our little world of triathlon actually, we have some reasons to worry about. Indeed, a lot of us have been victims of car accidents during their training. For my part, I noticed that the road is very dangerous this times. No session without a collision avoided ! Maybe the weather is responsable - bad visibility - but I think it comes from a lack of attention. So as to get together full of beans for the season, I ask you to take care on the road. This is not always simple, of course. So, wear light clothes, respect the traffic law.. The legislation impose to the cyclists to make easier the passage of other vehicles when the pavement is too narow.. A little of courtesy and common sense couldn't detract the image of cyclists in general. A last thing, always have a mobile phone, with in the repertoire, the phone number of the person to call in case of emergency under the name of ICE (In Case of Emergency). Secourists know the signification.
There, after these little reminders, I am going to return to the training, hoping the weather is getting better.

I will try not to do more, to preserve me, Nice is even far.

Keep on training mate!


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