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Nice, my préparation #3

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Xtriathlon has been one of the official partners of the Ironman France-Nice 2008 for the third year. Raphael Mentrel, one of its editors, will participate, in June, to this huge event like more than 2,500 international athletes. We have thus decided to take advantage in this "ordinary" athlete preparation for all our usual readers, but also to all those, french and foreign, who do not know yet the route and constraints of this exceptionally huge Ironman. We'll propose, therefore, throughout these six months while we proceed with Raphael, a translation of his preparation in English, German, Spanish and Italian, so that you do not miss any episode of what may well be "your" preparation. "

The training resumption goes hugely well and I succeed to respect the progressiveness principle. Indeed, after a first week to 8:30, the second is about 12:30.
Sensations are excellent in the three disciplines, and even if the lack of power is evident, I am assured. To help me carry out my "performance niçoise", moreover a well-led training, a competitive equipment is indispensable
This is why prominent changements are going to work in this domain for the season.

For the swimming part, the wetsuit Orca Sonar gives place to the new Sailfish One. This wetsuit, designed by Jan Sibbersen, one of the fastest swimmers of the Ironman circuit overall, is very supple. The neoprene, wich has high slithering, suppleness and buoyancy qualities, confers to it many advantages. It will certainly bring me a better swimming comfort than the first one, that will enable me to approach my aims and to do the economies of energy required to tackle the cycling part comfortably.

Cycling, let's talk about.
The discipline where we spend most of the time, if all goes right.. This is also the discipline of which the performance depends, moreover on your intrinsic qualities, but on your equipment directly. So, you must don't overlook that. For this season, my bike will be equiped with a carbon frame, my first one, specialy designed for long-distance triathlon. It will also be equiped with 650' wheels, because I think it is a really good wheel size for a triathlon cycle. The cycle is smaller, it presents less frontal surface, because it is lower and the frame is more compact. Fulls particulars make this cycle more aerodynamic. Even if Nice playground is not really flat, you must leave nothing to chance. Furthermore, I compare this playground to Lanzarote, which is more suitable for the strongs in the flat than good climbers.

Hey presto ! You know all or nearly about my equipment, there's only transmission ratio left to define, but I have already an idea about it.

We'll talk about it later !


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