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Ironman Nice, my preparation # 1

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Xtriathlon is an official partner of the Ironman France-Nice 2008 for the third consecutive year. Raphael Mentrel, one of its editors, will participate, in June, to this huge event as more than 2,500 international athletes. We have thus decided to take advantage of this "ordinary" athlete preparation to all our readers usual, but also to all those, french and foreign, who do not yet know the route and constraints of this exceptionally huge Ironman. We'll propose, therefore, throughout these six months that we proceed with Raphael, a translation of his preparation in English, German, Spanish and Italian, so that you do not miss any episode of what may well be "your" preparation.

We start this week with a presentation of Raphael, so that everyone can "fix" on his level (more or less workload), but also by the definition of its objectives, something that each of you must already have considered or whether or not she or he has decided to participate in the great mess of Hawaii next October…
In some articles, we will mix technology to the description of the course and its difficulties, which will enable you to understand and analyze the constraints training according to each discipline.
Good preparation at all!

Before you tell my adventure in triathlon, I propose to introduce myself briefly. You can help me identify.
36 years age group triathlete, I have a taste for the long-distance and especially Ironman. It also makes me think that I have never been the real triathlon format of 4/120/30…
My debut in the triathlon are fairly recent. Indeed, I came in 2003 after a great performance at La Rochelle Marathon (2:58). My original sport is running, and is also rather long distance.

On Ironman, although Nice 2008 will be my fourth, I consider myself a beginner. I learn every time. After Nice 2005, Embrun 2006 and Lanzarote 2007, I went back to Nice hoping to achieve a great race. During my first Ironman in Nice, I had made a wise course, and I had pretty well finished in 11:04. It was good for a first, especially since I have not seen the galleys, but this time I put in 1 hour qualification Hawaiian.

My goals
For 2008, I will try to get closer to the fullest extent possible the slot. Even though the game is not won in advance, I believe in and I will do everything possible to achieve this.
In terms of training, I am going to change a few things in relation to Lanzarote. My final preparation consisted of large workloads, with weeks to more than 25 hours. During these weeks, I was more than 500 miles of cycling per week, a dozen kilometers in swimming and more than 60 kilometers on foot. This preparation should have lead me to my goal (qualifying), but that was without taking into account a factor that I have not been able to handle : the pressure of the challenge. So I completely wrong.

It's because this year, the training will be a little more light with weeks to 20 hours average. And above all, not to think constantly that qualification (even though I have thought about it since signing up!).

My program
As a first step, for the months of January and February, I will make a gradual resumption of sport, with the aim of reaching 15 hours of sport per week for the end of this cycle.
At the program, 4 sessions of swimming with a technical working on a priority basis. Swimming is my major weakness. During my races, I am too erratic and am unable to take a pace that would allow me to get out of the water around 1h/1h05 '. I will therefore concentrate on this, and as soon as the weather permits, make at least one at sea a week.
For cycling, 4 meetings also, two road and two working home-trainer. However, if time permits, I will do those meetings quality on the road, I prefer. In 2007, I turned a corner in this discipline and I think I can still move a little in order to achieve a good time on Ironman.
Finally in running, 3 meetings with the VMA short, and of course endurance. I need to find good sensations on foot, because last season I did not feel good running.
Then, for March / April / May, a slightly more intensive pace with the race in all three disciplines and field trips that begin long spread over time. We will be back at the right time.

During the program, which might be a little disturbed by a professional planning responsible enough, I would be supported by my companion Michelle and my son 3 years Lysandre who every day tells me that I need to do sport !

The next time, after a debriefing of my first meetings, I will present the material that I will use during the race.


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03 Janvier 2008, par : pier91Utile et sympathique, de quoi s'en inspirer !
ALLEZ faire du sport maintenant ! (-

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